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When people ask our favorite part about Louisville, Kentucky, our team unanimously agrees that the diverse & charming neighborhoods are what makes the city one of a kind. Whether you’re a local considering where to plant roots or open a business, or an onlooker exploring, here are our recommendations for where to find Louisville’s best commercial real estate.


Best Historic and Urban Office Space in Louisville

Searching for small office spaces with a touch of history and urban charm? Look no further than Louisville’s dynamic neighborhoods, mere moments away from the Central Business District.

The Downtown Trifecta – Whiskey Row, NuLu & Butchertown

Whiskey Row: With a storied past, this downtown strip carries the historic charm of Louisville’s early days and may be the only place in town where you might catch a whiff of bourbon from your desk.

NuLu: NuLu is Louisville’s fastest-growing and most popular urban hub, offering the perfect blend of live, work and play.

Butchertown: A quick drive around the block, and Butchertown’s charming streets greet you with converted residential homes transformed into stylish office spaces, eclectic shops, galleries, and eateries.

Germantown: While predominantly residential, Germantown offers conveniently located office spaces nestled within its historic streets.

Best Modern, Sprawling Office Space in Louisville

Downtown: Louisville’s Central Business District bleeds into it’s favorite suburbs and entertainment strips and boasts modern office space, ready to be outfitted for any business’s needs.

Old Henry Road Corridor: Louisville’s most recently developed office park and business community is situated between major intersections and minutes away from some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods and major retail & dining complexes.

Hurstbourne & Shelbyville Road Corridor: Centrally located between Louisville’s major suburban neighborhoods is an office park, home to some of the city’s longest-standing and most in-demand office properties.

Guacamole Modern Mexican | NuLu

GAME on the River | New Albany

Pohl Building | NuLu


Best Louisville Neighborhood to Open a Small Business

If you’re looking for the best place in Louisville to open a small business, you’re in luck because the city’s has a plethora of locally-owned retail & dining hot spots. Each boasts historic buildings with unique architectual features, a true urban culture and walkability.

NuLu & Butchertown: Locals like to live, work and play in this fast-growing urban neighborhood.

The Highlands: Some of Louisville’s most beloved local joints got their start in the Highlands.

St. Matthews & Frankfort Avenue: Nestled among residential streets and one of Louisville’s most bustling commercial centers, St. Matthews and Frankfort Avenue are two of locals’ favorite neighborhoods for a bite to eat and curated local shopping experience.

New Albany: Right across the river is an up-and-coming downtown district that boasts small-town charm and locally owned restaurants, retailers and amenities.

Best Louisville Neighborhoods to Find National Retail and Restaurant Chains

Louisville is also home to national retail and restaurant chains that are clustered around some of the city’s most populous, bustling suburbs.

Middletown: Situated between two major interstates in Louisville’s East end, Middletown is a hub for chain retail, dining and entertainment.

Fern Creek: Located in south east Louisville, Fern Creek has seen rapid expansion in recent years and is an ideal neighborhood for families seeking accessibility and amenities.

St. Matthews & Lyndon: Home to not one but two shopping malls, St. Matthews is not only a local retail and dining hub, but also a one stop shop for the national chains people know and love.

Hurstbourne: Lined with some of the nation’s most popular chains, Hurstbourne Parkway runs between office parks and neighborhoods.

Northeast Louisville: Positioned between some of Louisville’s most affluent neighborhoods is Louisville’s outdoor mall, The Paddock Shops, with dining, shopping and service options for everyone.

Best Residential Neighborhoods with Nearby Retail and Amenities

Louisville’s picturesque neighborhoods make it feel like a small town, but some of these quaint communities are conveniently located among the city’s best shopping & dining and are minutes away from anywhere you want to be.

Lyndon: Lyndon is made up of quiet residential streets but is also home to popular boutique retail plazas like Lyndon Yard and Westport Village.

St. Matthews: St. Matthews’ residential properties are some of the most in-demand in the city, but it also boasts some of the best nightlife, national chain retail & dining, and local businesses in town.

Highlands: Minutes away from one of the city’s best parks, its most bustling shopping & dining strip and beautiful, historic homes – the Highlands is one of Louisville’s most popular neighborhoods for 20 somethings and established families alike.

Midwest Barrel Company | Outerloop

HJI Supply Chain Solutions | East Louisville


Best Louisville Neighborhoods for Industrial Space

Louisville is a logistical epicenter that enables companies to reach a large percentage of the U.S. population and major markets within a day’s drive. UPS’s Worldport, Ford and GE are just a few examples of Louisville’s largest industrial operations & employers. They serve as magnets, attracting ancillary local businesses to provide third-party support or that can take advantage of these conglomerates’ proximity.

Outerloop: On Louisville’s south end, and a short drive away from UPS Worldport, is a large collection of industrial properties with more space to grow.

East Louisville: Between Brownsboro Road and Old Henry lies both industrial parks and suburban neighborhoods, conveniently situated between major interstates.

Blankenbaker: Situated in the Jeffersontown area, Blankenbaker is one of the city’s most sprawling industrial and business park.

Jeffersonville & Clarksville: Just across the river and north of the city is Southern Indiana’s major industrial neighborhood.

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