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Our Investments

Pluris’ portfolio spans a large array of asset classes and geographical areas. The investments are the result of opportunistic situations that have allowed the team to acquire real estate in quality and proven locations. Through the economic recession, from 2008 to 2011, Pluris capitalized on distressed multifamily properties when the market yielded the opportunity to purchase several properties at below replacement costs.

In 2013, Pluris transitioned efforts to focus on niche opportunities in proven markets. In October of 2013, Pluris acquired a 28 story residential building on the shores of the Hudson River. The involvement in a property such as this one in an emerging market in New York City is representative of Pluris’ current investment objectives. Pluris has a dynamic and exciting investment core, and efforts continue to focus on leveraging relationships in growth markets through niche opportunities.

Current Offering

The Monroe

Dallas, TX

WSU Student Housing Portfolio

Dayton, OH

Lake’s Edge Apartments

Orlando, FL

Golf Brook Apartments

Orlando, FL

212 W. 72nd

New York, NY

River & Warren Condominiums

New York, NY

Sabal Park Apartments

Orlando, FL